ScootersWeb - The Web Evolution . . .

ScootersWeb is a family owned and operated business, in Spring Grove, PA.


Legal Business Entity - ScootersWeb LLC.


Leonard Strickland

President / Technical / Webmaster

Ann Strickland

Customer Support / Sales

ScootersWeb LLC. owns and operates the following online divisions:



. . .  A Little History  . . .

"SNiteWorkS" was created and based in "Geocities" ( 1995 ) ; titled "Back-in-black".

Later "ScootersWeb" was created to take the place of SNiteWorkS ( which evolved into "Custom Airbrushing" ) thus allowing ScootersWeb to take over the web information tasks.

"ScootersWeb-Design" ( .com & .net ) came to life to aid in the future website design direction.

"ScannersWeb" was created to enhance the design division and allow a product that was not restricted entirely to the internet.

ScootersWeb would later divide into:




Both, ScootersWeb-Directory and ScootersWeb-Resources carry on the original schema of the first "Back in Black" website  (SNiteWorks ) , Information and direction to web related products.

This change left ScootersWeb to be as it is today.

The entrance to "The Circle" !
Scooters Web Development & Information Services;
OR Simply, ScootersWeb.

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