You Want to Have a Successful Website

The Most Important Steps To Take
If You Want a Successful Website.

It seems that everyone is looking for a short-cut to online riches but, did you know that most of those people never use the informational products and money-making tools that they've purchased? This isn't really a good financial business strategy... You spend money to make money, so don't let the opportunity for some extra income slip away! If you have a good business idea but, you never get around to launching a website, your "making money" product will not bring a return on investment, and no positive change to your life.


In the internet marketing world there are tens of thousands of online entrepreneurs wanting to make their livelihood on the internet. Most of these entrepreneurs buy a ton of "how to make money" type of e-books, get-rich -quick schemes, turn-key software, etc. You too can purchase these and learn the business - or you can sell them as your own business products!

Some times after we get our product and start reading the system, we get too busy and forget about it.
Or we will find time next weekend to go over the material - No, there isn't a 5 minute guide to riches! If that is all the material you have to read (from a purchase), you probably spent your money unwisely.

Most times the problem is: "not having your own website to complete the process of the program"

Yes, there are plenty of online programs that claim you can make money "without" a computer... and likely "without a website". But, think about this for a minute; someone sold you a program from the internet - most likely it is a guide or duplication program for you to do the same! That is how they make their income and how they can teach you to create an income for yourself. So, Yes - you do need a website if you intend on making money from any online program.

Do you really need a website? A few ideas...

An internet business can give you a lifestyle that most people could only dream of !
If you have been thinking of starting a business or you already have a small business, this article is written to help you get your business off the ground with and on the internet. If you already have a business without a website, you are missing out on the extra profits from online advertising.

A website creates the appearance of a solid professional. You want customers to be able to see your products and services first hand. This allows them the freedom to find what they are looking for without the "salesman pressure" that turns many of us off from making a purchase.

Your business website saves you money because it is advertising and selling for you 24/7/365! The savings here alone make up for the costs of registering a domain and hosting your website. You can set your website up to handle automatic ordering allowing you more freedom to do other things (like create more products to sell - or take a much needed vacation).

You can hand out business cards or post ads in your local paper, but nowadays people would rather search for what they want and contact thru email - than pick up a phone. Sad, but true! And with more cell phones accessing the internet, the phone calls are becoming even less. Your website will give these searchers all the information they want as fast as they want it!

Don't let your idea slip away!  Get your business started today!

Get your website up and running and you can always add more ways to make an income from it.

Do this now... this is probably the only true part of " 5 minutes to making money online ".

To get your website running you need two things:

  • Your Registered Domain Name
  • A Web Host

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Number One:

Register your Domain Name. (if you already have a registered domain, skip this and go to step two)

What is a "domain name"?

A "domain name" is like "" or "". This is your "home address" on the internet. Your "home" will be your website and can be built any way you like, but you need to have a domain name to give your website the address to be found on the internet.

You can find "free" webhosts that give you free domain names, but almost always it is the hosting company that will own the domain name you choose - not you! This is why you want to purchase your domain name if you are serious about starting a business online. This becomes your property and can be sold for profit as your website becomes more profound.

Decide on what domain extension (
.com .net .org) to use for your website.
CLICK HERE to read what they mean.

Domain name strategies can help to get more direct visits to your business.

CLICK HERE for ideas.

Number Two:

Get a Web Host. (if you already have hosting and a domain, thanks for reading! Or you could compare your prices)

"Web hosting" is having your website on a server for the internet to see. Your website on this server is the actual files that make up the website. You can have a registered domain name, but without a web host it will never be seen on the internet. There are many hosting companies out there, but selecting the wrong one can really hurt your new website business. As mentioned earlier; there are "free" web hosts on the internet, but somewhere it isn't free anymore. Whether there are hidden costs or advertising that they place on your website, or restrictions to you editing your own code... "free" isn't always free! You want full control over your code to be able to tweak things to get as much visibility on the internet as you can. Any limits to what you can do to your website restricts this possibility... and why would you want to advertise something you get no profit from?

OK, "5 minutes" From Now, you can have your personal or business website started!


Already decided on your Domain Name? Let's do it!

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