Your website, your idea

Your new website, your idea . . .

OK, you have decided that you want a website of your own.
That's a great idea - But now what?

  • What are your plans for your new website?
  • Will it be personal or business?
  • Will you design and code it yourself, or out source it?
  • If a personal site, will it only be accessible to members - password protected - partially protected?
  • Do you already have a business and just want to advertise it on the web?
  • Do you want your website to be your business - and sell things?

If you have answers for all these questions
- You have started the "idea" process for your new website!

The website is the easy part, the idea is what takes the longest - and it should be carefully thought out.


You see, there are only a hand full of reasons to have a website...

- Post pictures or information, link to social networks

- Swap pictures, share information, keep in touch, blog this or that, take surveys

- Advertise, sell, collaborate, generate contacts

- ? ( please tell )

- ? ( I'm sure there was a handful )


But the type site from which you can choose, for the reasons of having one, is extremely vast!

Let's say for instance, you want to keep in touch with family. Now you wouldn't want a website that you have to constantly code and re-code every time you want to put on a new picture or write a new article! This should be a "CMS" or database driven site.

But if you were advertising a business, a "static" HTML website would suffice. Everything is created once (what you do, address, contact info) and now you spend time getting it seen.

Now may I add, you can do both with a "blog" style of website... You can easily update pictures, what went on over the holidays, or change your business hours - "on the fly"! The only drawback is what it looks like and the restrictions of what you can do. Are you going to buy templates and learn some "HTML" so you can make it work?

There is always a "what if" to wanting a website... ALWAYS! That's the IDEA Process!

Good News? ScootersWeb has been going through this exact process since the beginning of the web - YES, Even before "McDonald's®" had a website - (although we were in the Geocities Realms at that time - But Hey, eventually  they were too!).

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